About me درباره من

Hello and Welcome to UnderSkyofNorway

This is Ali and I’m with you under the sky of Norway

Since childhood, I had a special interest in «writing». From making wall newspapers and secretly solving crosswords under the school desks until designing crosswords and puzzles as well as writing poems and articles for local newspapers and magazines

I quite remember that the most important hobby at my teenage years was to dig into Persian and English language and literature dictionaries to collect and categorize materials for learning and teaching purposes. In 2008, I moved from Iran to Sweden to continue my studies in the master program in electrical power engineering before finally landing in Norway for work and life purposes

Since then, I have chosen blogging as my constant hobby starting first from an amateur blog named «UnderSkyofSweden» towards the «UnderSkyofNorway» blog, and then since 2017 turning that into a website

In this virtual space, I share with you a social part of what I experience during my years of living in Norway, and on Instagram page and Telegram channel of «UnderSkyofNorway», I review with you the latest news and views about living in Norway based on what streams in Norwegian media

I don’t consider myself a professional blogger -since I don’t make money in this way- but writing itself that gives me more incentives for self-study and of course companionship that I get from you as the audience, are my main passions holding me up and running in this courier

I believe in tasting the fruit of my thoughts regardless of any orientation, while respecting the intellectual freedom and independence for myself and others under the roof of a global community with different thoughts – whether aligned or not

I attempt to state honestly what I know about while never fear about asking when I do not know something. I also attempt to take distance from any arrogance and prejudice while having open arms to expand national unity and promoting of kindness all over

Best Regards, Ali